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Quality Monitoring Every Step Of The Way

Leader in temperature monitoring for the Healthcare Industry

Temperature data loggers for monitoring and recording vaccines, medical & pharmaceutical supplies.

Real-Time Monitoring Solutions for Temperature-Sensitive Healthcare Goods & Environments


Cost-Effective Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

LogTag offers cost-effective solutions in temperature and humidity monitoring to aid healthcare providers in protecting their assets

Health & Pharmaceutical Applications


Reduce vaccine wastage with the help of LogTag® Vaccine Kits and LogTag® Online Cloud.

Prevent temperature fluctuations to ensure vaccines are within approved and set temperature range in storage or

Hospitals & Surgery Centres

To maintain quality, biological specimens must be protected from temperature extremes and environmental fluctuations.

LogTag temperature data loggers provide reliable temperature recordings throughout the storage and transit process, providing confidence for quality patient care.


Pharmaceuticals improperly packaged, stored, or shipped can lead to ineffectiveness and harm to the end consumer.

LogTag temperature data loggers ensure products comply and meet pharmaceutical grade standards for quality assurance.

Real-Time WiFi Temperature Monitoring System

Quality Assurance


Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

From manufacturing to transport and safe storage, LogTag improves business logistics with reliable monitoring through our quality loggers and our automated 24/7 secure and encrypted cloud network.

Vaccine Kits

From end-to-end cold chain management, LogTag temperature data loggers are calibrated and certified for stationery freezers, refrigeration as well as low temperature logistics monitoring.

Standard Vaccine Kits

Includes Logger, Glycol Buffer, Wall Mount bracket & Probe

Low Temperature Vaccine Kits

Includes Logger, Glycol Buffer, Wall Mount bracket & Probe

Trusted Worldwide

By Healthcare Companies, Clinics, & Pharmacies.

LogTag products are used in a wide range of applications including healthcare, pharmaceutical, food, agriculture, & industrial processing. Our loggers are approved and used by many World recognized organizations such as UNICEF and the World Health Organization.


24/7 Real-Time Monitoring For Integrity

LogTag Online

LogTag loggers in-line with the integrated cloud network can be used to measure and document temperatures of vaccines, medical & healthcare products.

The system allows users to have instant visibility of data and temperature alarms, as LTO’s 24/7 monitoring sends automatic alerts via SMS text messages and email notifications the moment a reading is out-of-range allowing responders to proactively take action.

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