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Medical & Healthcare Applications

LogTag’s mission is to help reduce costly product wastage with our effective and reliable temperature and humidity monitoring solutions. LogTag loggers are specially designed to measure and document temperature of vaccines, medical & pharmaceutical products. Find out how we aim to protect people and product integrity from production storage through to patient administration for all your healthcare monitoring needs.

Our Applications

Pharmaceuticals & Laboratories

Pharmaceuticals improperly packaged, stored, or shipped can be ineffective and potentially harmful. LogTag® temperature and humidity monitoring loggers minimizes risk and ensures pharmaceuticals get to their destination safely without quality compromised.

COVID-19 Vaccine

LogTag® Vaccine kits reduce costly vaccine wastage with reliable, transparent temperature monitoring so that medical and logistic personnel can maintain and control vaccines within approved temperature thresholds, while in storage or in-transit, prior to vaccine administration.

Hospitals & Surgery Centres

LogTag® Temperature Data Loggers provide timely
temperature and humidity recordings, providing confidence and peace-of-mind that bio specimens are monitored effectively for the quality of patient care.

Blood Storage

To ensure the safe storage and preservation of blood banks in transit and in-storage, LogTag provides reliable temperature monitoring of the environment, and provides remote alerts when temperature is out-of-range.

Organ Transport

Fit-for-purpose, LogTag temperature and humidity recording kits are designed to monitor ambient storage temperature for time-critical organ transfers.

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