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Maintain product efficacy from production to administration

Cold-chain Pharmaceutical Management

LogTag provides an effective solution for temperature-sensitive medicines and laboratory specimens.

Cold-Chain Pharmaceutical

​Most pharmaceuticals are sensitive to temperature change. It is imperative to maintain them accordingly in temperature-controlled storage for product efficacy. From production through to administration, LogTag works to monitor the environment for temperature-sensitive medicines, medical supplies, and other specimens.

Pharmaceutical Laboratories

Pharmaceutical products are temperature sensitive and prone to change in different requirements which leads to risks during storage and transportation. LogTag offers a systematic solution and customized kits to provide cost-effective temperature monitoring in changing environments to support pharmaceutical supply chain management.

Effective Solution For Temperature-Sensitive Medicines And Laboratory Specimens

Pharmaceuticals must be continuously transported at specific temperature and humidity environments, along the entire supply chain. Monitoring storage conditions is a necessity.

Pharmaceuticals improperly packaged, stored, or shipped can lead to them becoming ineffective and potentially harmful. Temperature and humidity monitoring during transport helps to ensure products get to their destinations safely.

LogTag Data Loggers are designed with internal sensor and external probes alongside Glycol bottles to measure and log ambience of pharmaceutical supplies. It is recorded automatically onto LogTag Online cloud for compliant record keeping and to help stakeholders minimize wastage by taking action when alerts are triggered.


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