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Protect medical supplies from environmental fluctuations

Medical Supplies Temperature Monitoring System

From vaccine storage, transportation to patient administration.

Medical Storage

LogTag WiFi solutions, provides 24/7 reliable data to protect patients monitoring Cold Chain Sensitive Medical items from a fridge or cool room. Immediate alerts in case of alarm and elimination of manual data taking. Also complies with GDP health for peace-of-mind.

Blood Storage

For the past two decades LogTag has offered several leading solutions for blood storage, from a conventional USB data logger to a 24/7 real-time solution. Reliable data monitoring protects patients in the Cold Chain of blood banks from a fridge or cool room.

Organ Transport

LogTag kits are fit-for-purpose in temperature and humidity recording. Designed specifically for monitoring ambient storage temperature of time-critical organ storage and transport.

Protect Specimens, Cultures & Sterile Medical Supplies From Environmental Fluctuations.

Hospital specimens and samples require the right environmental settings to ensure that they are stored within the set temperature range and reading frequencies.
According to WHO, refrigeration or storage equipment needs to be maintained in stable temperature and humidity specifications for each specimen category.

LogTag Ensures The Safety And Quality Of Temperature-Sensitive Samples For Hospital And Clinic Needs.

Blood supplies, specimens and medical device must be monitored during transport and provide efficient storage solutions to mitigate the risk of loss from inadequate temperatures 


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