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Vaccine Temperature Monitoring System

From vaccine storage, transportation to patient administration.

Vaccine Storage

Real-time vaccine temperature reports, alert triggers on sudden changes, and automatic data logging for compliance.

Vaccine Transport

LogTag data loggers are designed specially for vaccine monitoring during transit. Our loggers accurately measure vaccine temperature response with external probes or internal sensors encased in glycol-filled bottles.
WHO PQS our listed data loggers are pre-qualified for E006 PQS standards and are suitable for use in immunization programs.

 According to the World Health Organization (WHO), across the world around, 50% of vaccines are wasted due to improper handling or storage. The organization defines vaccine wastage as “the sum of vaccines discarded, lost, damaged or destroyed”.

Preventing Vaccine Wastage

Vaccine potency can tremendously be affected by incorrect temperature in storage.

To maintain quality, vaccines should be monitored closely to prevent exposure to temperature extremes and other environmental hazards. LogTag’s Temperature Data Loggers were introduced with the purpose to reduce wastage due to adequate storage at facilities and logistics.


There are many reasons for vaccine wastage.

Factors such as storage conditions, weak cold chain, lack of temperature control, transportation delays and expiration dates can greatly contribute to vaccine wastage.

Different types of vaccines have different temperature requirements.

Strict Compliance is important in maintaining vaccine quality during manufacturing, refrigeration storage, transport, and patient administration.

Common Causes Of Vaccine Wastage
  • Expired Vaccines
  • If the vaccine is exposed to heat
  • If the vaccine has been frozen
  • Breakage
  • Missing inventory and theft
  • While discarding leftover doses
  • Not able to draw out the number of doses
  • Vials submerged in water
  • Suspected contamination
  • Poor vaccine administration practices


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