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LogTag Online

Real-time, cloud-based solution for monitoring temperature and environmental changes. With actionable insights to meet safety compliance standards.

Now accessible anywhere, anytime through our LogTag Mobile App.

LogTag Cloud-based Temperature Monitoring System

LogTag Online (LTO) automated temperature and compliance monitoring system is trusted by hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and laboratories worldwide. LTO allows you to choose various plan options and monthly subscriptions tailored to fit your operational requirements. LTO allows its users to download data from LogTag’s data loggers, view the data in the cloud, and allows the sharing and securing of the data using a permissions system.

LogTag Online with Mobile App

LogTag Mobile App allows users to access LogTag Online (LTO) in an app instead of the internet browser and can be used by new or any existing LTO users.
LTO is a Cloud-based online environmental management system providing 24/7 alarm notifications, compliance, record storage and reporting functions.

LogTag® Analyzer

LogTag Analyzer software is the free companion software recommended to you if you own a LogTag product. It provides an easy-to-use, powerful platform for configuring, downloading, and displaying data from any LogTag data logger.

Key Benefits

Improve Efficiency

Improve your team’s output and efficiency through LogTag’s cloud-based online environmental management system. 

LogTag will look after the monitoring of data so your team can take care of the rest.

Reduce Costs

Reduce cost and run your operations smoothly through real-time alert notifications from your devices so you know up-front if something is not aligned and require immediate attention.


Gain peace of mind with record storage information, and reports to make sure your operation is in-line with industry standards

Key Features

  • Easy remote account access on your device of choice (Tablet, Mobile Phone, Desktop/PC).
  • Real-time upload of data to the Cloud.
  • Easily download data files and reports on your device
  • LogTag Mobile App is available for IOS & Android, ensuring configuration of the Wi-Fi data logger is simple with only a few steps.
  • Immediate notification through SMS, Email, WhatsApp, or Push notifications on your device.
  • Escalate ignored notifications
  • LogTag Online can be accessed using any LogTag data logger, so you don’t need to upgrade your existing loggers in order to get started.
  • Setting up your account is quick and easy
  • Support for LogTag Online is available through LogTag’s Global distribution network.
  • Scalable solution, suitable for all users from small clinics to the largest hospitals

LogTag Online Cloud Solutions​

Free Version


Single License​

By Application

Multiple or Enterprise License

By Application

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